Go Northward My Friend

The relative strength of the Canadian job market and the reasonably high standard of living here has attracted not only Target stores (though I still have to wait at least 2 years for the first store opening), but also immigrants in search of a better life and opportunity.

As an immigrant to Canada, this issue resonates on a personal level with me.
Canada Lures Immigrants
In Defying Trend, Canada Lures More Migrants, reporter Jason DeParle, notes that, while immigration has become a prickly topic in many countries like the Australia, UK, US, and many European Union members, immigration successfully continues in Canada with little of the political fallout experienced by those other countries.In fact, DeParle notes that some Canadian provinces are so eager to attract immigrants that they have successfully worked withCanadian immigration officials to develop policies that would attract immigrants to those parts of the country.  In many instances, immigrants fill huge gaps in the workforce and are the primary source of population growth.Read the article at  http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/13/world/americas/13immig.html?ref=homepage&src=me&pagewanted=all.

If You’re Thinking of Immigrating
If it inspires you to immigrate to Canada, you might be interested in the practical employment advice offered to prospective immigrants by Sumedh Nene, a recent immigrant to Canada from India, a two-part article published in the Indus, the newsletter of the India chapter of the Society for Technical Communication.

In Canada Calling (http://indus.stc-india.org/2010/10/canada-calling/), Nene explains how the labyrinth of the Canadian immigration process, and provides practical information about living in the Toronto Metropolitan area.  Although Toronto differs from other metro areas, much of the experience is similar in most other metro areas  in the country.

In  The  Hidden Job Market of Canada (http://indus.stc-india.org/2010/08/want-to-work-in-canada-read-this-first/), Nene provides helpful, practical advice for navigating the job search process–from tips on preparing a resume (called a CV in parts of Canada, not to be confused with a CV in other countries), as well as the etiquette of the job interview process.

Even though Nene reports primarily contrasts the Canadian system with the Indian one, the insights should be useful to all potential and current immigrants to Canada.


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