Caught My Eye: Hiring and LinkedIn

In his personal branding blog for Forbes magazine online, Dan Schwabel posits that LinkedIn will replace job boards like the Monster Board.

After all, LinkedIn already provides much of the same information about a candidate as a resume (or CV in Montreal).

Plus a new feature on LinkedIn lets applicants apply for jobs, thus opening their LinkedIn profile to prospective employers.

Although I’m no expert on recruiting, I’m not 100 percent sure about either prediction.

  • As far as LinkedIn replacing job boards–I can see it providing stiff competition to general purpose job boards like the Monster Board and Workopolis. But as far as replacing special purpose job boards, like those of professional associations, I’m not as sure. Because such boards provide a screening function (for example, only people interested in training would look at the CSTD job board), they still serve a useful purpose.
  • As far as the death of the resume goes, I’m not sure about that either. Although LinkedIn profiles provide a lot of information about people (and increasingly provide more), the resume has room for more information. In fact, the curriculum vitae (CV), which is a complete record of all activities and is not limited to 2 pages, may make a comeback precisely because it provides more detailed information.

What are your thoughts? I welcome your comments below.

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