“Constructive” Criticism?

In a blog in the HRB Blog Network, Tony Schwartz writes

“Here’s a question guaranteed to make your stomach lurch: “Would you mind if I gave you some feedback?”
What that actually means is “Would you mind if I gave you some negative feedback, wrapped in the guise of constructive criticism, whether you want it or not?”

Schwartz notes that the problem with feedback is that it leaves people feeling judged; that’s why it immediately raises fears.
However, he acknowledges:

“The conundrum is that feedback is necessary. It’s the primary means by which we learn and grow. So what’s the best way to deliver it in a way that it provides the greatest value — meaning the recipient truly absorbs and acts on it?”

The rest of the column explores some behaviors that  people use when they give criticism, and affects the manner in which the recipient takes that criticism.  Schwartz also offers some suggestions for moderating those behaviors so that the recipient is more likely to accept the criticism.

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