Branding Internal Learning Groups

In her excellent article, Branding the Learning Function, Preethi Anand identifies the central service and marketing challenge to internal training groups and suggests how to address it: that the groups have two customers–the sponsors who pay for the service and the learners who actually use it. Each has different interests and needs that complement one another and skillful efforts to “brand” training can provide each with a meaningful experience.

Specifically, Anand explains what branding is and explains how to address differing expectations of the two stakeholder groups. Then she suggests specific activities for branding. For executive stakeholders, activities include reporting to the business, communicating the efficiency of the group, establishing feedback channels. She calls this the business brand.

For learners, Anand suggests activities such as promoting awareness of learning programs and initiatives, explaining the value of learning to learners, telling learners how to use technological resources, and generating excitement to learn.

Anand closes the article by describing how to set up a branding arm.

To read the entire article and learn all of the specific suggestions, visit


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