Template: Annual Report to Stakeholders of Educational Technology and Technical Communication Groups

Note: Please use this template in your work. Citing the source is appreciated, as is field-based feedback on how to improve it.

Letter from the leader of the group Identify key messages to highlight here, which will be reinforced by the accomplishments highlighted later
Major accomplishments of the past year Profile several projects, with an emphasis on those that feature your staff’s ability to handle the “new” services and exceptional situations, rather than everyday ones.
Staff features Feature 1 or 2 people from the staff who embody the services and messages that you want to emphasize
Staff accomplishments Provide highlights of accomplishments (apart from projects) of each staff member, such as memberships, certifications, and affiliations; training; outside publications (other than ones listed in the next section); awards and other recognition.
Inventory of projects completed in the past year List names of projects completed in the past year, as well as their size (in screens, pages, or disk space), and number of intended users (if appropriate).
Other tangible metrics of success Varies by group

© Copyright 2001-2012. Saul Carliner. All rights reserved.  If sharing or excerpting, should be properly cited.


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