Project Management Overview

In the fields of educational technology and technical communication, project management refers to efforts to plan the design and development of instructional programs and communication products, or plan for the purchase, customization, and implementation of new hardware and software that affect everyday work processes in the organization.

Such efforts typically involve:

  • Establishing a preliminary project charter
  • Identifying assumptions underlying the planning of a project
  • Setting a schedule for the project
  • Setting a budget for the project
  • Identifying the team that will work on the project
  • Establishing quality guidelines for the instructional or information product

In this field, project management also refers to efforts to implement these plans.  The proposed schedule and budget become criteria against which project managers assess progress.  Reports are a key means of informing the project team and other stakeholders about the ongoing status of a project.

The following posts explore these issues in-depth, as well as offer suggestions on how to manage an ongoing project.  The last post suggests ways to continue your learning about project management.


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