Template for Preparing a Project Charter

Part 1:Purpose of the project.Explore: Why is the organization undertaking it? What benefit does the organization hope to receive at the end? _______________________________________________
Part 2:Scope of the project.State what the project covers and, if needed, what it does not cover. State as objectives if possible.  Otherwise state as goals or topics. _______________________________________________
Part 3:Requirements for the project, which includes the: _______________________________________________
Drop-dead deadline (if known now) _______________________________________________
General budget range or not-to-exceed budget (if known now) _______________________________________________
Must-include staff (if known now), especially those with signature authority on the budget and those with approval rights to the finished project. _______________________________________________
Other requirements or preferences for the project, such as the need to publish content in a particular content management system or a preference for a classroom course. _______________________________________________
Part 4: General project startup activities: _______________________________________________
Establishing a project plan _______________________________________________
Plans for ongoing communication _______________________________________________

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Exploring, reporting, teaching, and advising on learning and communication for the workplace and consumers. saulcarliner.wordpress.com
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