Worksheet: Establishing Quality Guidelines for the Instructional or Information Product

This is a worksheet to guide you through the process of establishing product guidelines for a project.

Editorial guidelines Primary style guide ________________________
Primary dictionary ________________________
Corporate (organizational) extensions (state where they are documented and who is responsible for them) ________________________
Project extensions (state where they are documented and who is responsible for them) ________________________
Authoring Guidelines (only list ones that apply) Office software ________________________
Course authoring software ________________________
Web authoring software ________________________
Desktop publishing software ________________________
Multimedia production software
Enterprise software (Learning Management System, Learning Content Management System, Course Management System, or Content Management System) ________________________
Specialized production software (such as simulation tools)
Specialized hardware requirements (if any)
Viewing requirements Browsers and versions supported
Hardware supported
Mobile operating systems supported
Project communications Status reporting: What will be covered, how frequently published, Who prepares, who receives
Documenting changes to agreements: When to do so, who must approve, how changes will be published
Project “sandbox:” Where it is, the types of information that should be provided there



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