Template: Career Development Plan

Name of Worker: __________________________
Long-term goals: State the long-term career goal(s)–where the worker would like to be in 5 to 10 years.________________________________________Short-term goals: State career goal(s) that the worker hopes to achieve in the next year or two, such as a promotion, transfer to another job, or a strengthened role in a current position.__________________________________________

Development experiences in the short term (one to two years) :

Summary statement: State the general strategy for developing the worker in the short- and long-term.


  • Education and training:  List courses and other educational experiences that would prepare the worker for the short- or long-term goal.  Indicate who is responsible for covering both the time and investment.



  • Job assignments:  Identify additional responsibilities in the current job that can prepare the worker for the short- and long-term goals.



  • Developmental activities: Identify additional developmental experiences, such as a temporary assignment and outside activities (volunteer roles and side hustles that develop the worker without conflicting with work commitments and employment agreements) that can prepare the worker for short- and long-term career goals.



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