Template: Job Description

1. Job title: _________________________________

2. Broad responsibilities (stated in observable and measurable terms):



3. Work products that the worker is expected to produce (such as application programs, test reports, and job reviews)


4. Business value that hiring a person into this position brings (how this person will help generate revenue, increase the productivity of other workers, or contain expenses)



  • Skills needed to perform this job successfully


  • Educational background needed (if any)


  • Previous experience needed (if any)


  • Attitudes needed to succeed in this work environment:


  • Work conditions of the job (including  the technology used in a particular job, the work hours, the type of contact that a worker would have with co-workers, clients and suppliers, and the role and flexibility in making decisions regarding the job).



© Copyright 2012. Saul Carliner. All rights reserved.  If sharing or excerpting, should be properly cited.


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