Not Dead Yet

Despite the popular belief that TV viewers have migrated to the Internet, AdWeek recently published an eye-popping assessment of viewership in the U.S. Over 280 million Americans watch TV each week, watching over 140 hours on average per month. 

In contrast, only 155 million Americans watch TV on their computer or mobile device each month, for an average of about 6 hours per month.

Perhaps that’s why television still commands significantly higher advertising dollars than the Internet.

Experts suggest that television watching on the Internet will continue to increase, but, as one person quoted in the article commented:

“There’s a Silicon Valley expectation that there will be a desilo-ization of TV imminently, [but] not even the most ardent online people, thinks that’s the case.”

These statistics offer insights for those of us producing more practical instructional and technical content. They suggest that we need to pay continued attention to traditional media for both delivery and promotional reasons, even as users transition to new media. Just as we cannot afford to ignore new media because we’re more comfortable with traditional media, we also cannot ignore traditional media just because new media demands an increasingly large amount of our attention.

View the entire AdWeek article at:

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