By October 3: Participate in Survey about the Marketing of Training Programs, Products, and Services

Training and Development Colleagues.

Whether you work internally or externally, promoting the programs, services, and products prepared by your organization plays a role in its success.

But how do training and development professionals actually promote—or market—their programs, products, and services? Do they still publish catalogs and schedules? What role does social media play? How about personal contacts and relationships?

Because no one has studied this issue since the 1990s (that is, a time before email), Training Magazine is conducting a study. We seek participation from all training and development professionals—whether you work internally or externally, as people working in both situations have to make others aware of their offerings.

If you are interested in participating in the study, please visit this link:

The survey will remain open through October 3, 2017.

I hope that you will visit the link and participate in this survey.


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