What percentage of a typical corporate budget is spent on training?

Find the answer in Chapters 3 and 9 of the award-winning An Overview of Training and Development: Why Training Matters by Saul Carliner and Margaret Driscoll, and published by Lakewood Media.

This book is intended for everyone seeking a formal introduction to Training and Development and the work of professionals in the field. Specifically, this book describes the:

  • Products and services offered by people in the field.
    • Various roles that professionals in the field assume.
    • Processes, guiding concepts, and technologies used in the work.
    • Client-centered nature of the work.
    • Business context of Training and Development.
    • Means of assessing the effectiveness of training programs and services.
    • Future of the field.

Among the features of the book are:

  • Profiles of trainers in a variety of positions, in a variety of industries, and at different points in their careers
  • Application activities at the ends of each chapter, which help readers transfer insights from the chapter to their work in the field
  • Worksheets to help with a number of career-related tasks, including worksheets to help with planning careers in the field and determining the extent to which one should develop with technologies based on the type of role one plays in training

The book is available in paperback and Kindle formats at https://www.amazon.com/Overview-Training-Development-Why-Matters-ebook/dp/B07S17L5LF/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=an+overview+of+training+and+development+carliner&qid=1560224508&s=gateway&sr=8-1.

Driscoll is an internationally known thought leader and Training executive. Carliner is a Professor of Educational Technology at Concordia University, President of the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education, and has been a Research Director of Lakewood Media. The two also wrote Advanced Web-Based Training Strategies and collaborated with Yvonne Thayer on the just-published Career Anxiety: Guidance for Tough Times. Lakewood Media Group is the publisher of the industry’s leading trade magazine, Training, and several related newsletters, as well as the producer of two of the industry’s leading professional development events for training executives and professionals:  the annual Training Conference and Exposition, and the annual TechLearn Conference.  For over half a century, these publications and events have provided executives and professionals in the field the best in strategy-development and skill-building content, covering all aspects of the management, development, delivery and evaluation of online and instructor-led training and development activities.  Subscribers and attendees are part of the Training Magazine Network (TMN), whose 130,000 members have access to TMN’s huge array of free resources, including live webinars, an archive of more than 1,000 recorded webinars, and thousands of other aids including white papers, ebooks, articles and networking activities.   

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