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The Impact of the Digital Media on the Ecosystem of Reading

Most of the recent discussions about books has focused on the rise of e-books.  But the entire ecosystem of reading has been affected by the internet, including libraries, the system for reviewing books, and the types of employees hired by … Continue reading

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Observations about Jobs and Training from the Website of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

While conducting a little research on the list of occupations at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, I made some unexpected observations Of the 538 occupations listed there: (1) Instructional designer isn’t listed anywhere.  My guess is that they’re included … Continue reading

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Five Opportunities to Communicate the Value of Technical Communication Products and Services

Data alone does not demonstrate the value of communication products and services; communication does. Following are 5 ways to communicate the results to the internal or external clients we serve. 1.  Information designs. If you want to communicate the value … Continue reading

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eMail in the Enterprise

  In his article in, reporter Julien Brault explores the growing frustrations with email in organizations and how different groups are responding to it. (And for what it’s worth, I’m quoted.) Check it out at:

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The Difficult Conversation about Performance

Most workers abhor poor performance (at least, the poor performance of their co-workers).  More significantly, so do most managers.  But tackling poor performance requires having difficult conversations about work standards, and many managers prefer to avoid it.In How to… address … Continue reading

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Do You Really Know How to Give a Performance Review?

In Learning Before Reviewing published in CLO Magazine, Ladan Nikravan emphasizes the importance of training managers in the performance review process before they actually perform them. But Nikravan notes–as is also noted in my academic and certificate courses–that a once-a-year … Continue reading

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Preparing a Persuasive Business Cases for Major Online Learning Investments

  A business case serves as a prospectus for proposed investment in a costly eLearning courseware project or in technology for learning. A business case provides a structured framework for investigating and reporting the costs and returns of these projects. … Continue reading

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Template: Performance Plan

Format of a Performance Plan Three to four sections, that include the following. Main performance objectives Supporting objectives or comments Priority Describe, in general terms, the primary work product Name specific work products. Also mention any relevant business constraints affecting … Continue reading

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Template: Appraisal Form

Objectives Feedback Evalu-ation Area 1 Main: ________ Supporting: ______________________________ __________ __________ Priority of the area 1 or 2 Overall, state the evaluation of this area in words only, using the exact words associated with the number of the evaluation. “Consistently … Continue reading

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Template: Job Description

1. Job title: _________________________________ 2. Broad responsibilities (stated in observable and measurable terms): ________________________________________ _______________________________________ 3. Work products that the worker is expected to produce (such as application programs, test reports, and job reviews) ________________________________________ 4. Business value that hiring … Continue reading

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