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Observations about Jobs and Training from the Website of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

While conducting a little research on the list of occupations at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, I made some unexpected observations Of the 538 occupations listed there: (1) Instructional designer isn’t listed anywhere.  My guess is that they’re included … Continue reading

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The Skill Gap: A Real or Imagined Problem?

Several recent articles have explored the skills gap, generally defined as the difference between the competencies that employers seek in current and prospective workers and those that workers actually have. Surveys and experts suggest that a wide gap exists between … Continue reading

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September 19, 2012: Presentation of Study on the Job of the Performance Consultant

Please join my students and I as we present the results of our study on the job of the performance consultant to the Montreal Chapter of the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD): Wednesday, September 19 6-8:30 pm John … Continue reading

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Could Your Name Be a Liability When Searching for a Job?

In What’s in a name? A job, maybe, published on the Economy Lab blog of the Globe and Mail, Tavia Grant reports on a recent study by University of Toronto researchers Philip Oreopoulos and Diane Dechief that tracked the number … Continue reading

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Yet Another Discussion of the Flawed Millenials

In the past week, I’ve read a few pieces that address the strengths and flaws of millenials. One was a paper from a master’s student.  Like much work by early researchers, despite the endless flurry of statistics, this one relied … Continue reading

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Try It, Maybe Buy It

Reporting on what might seem obvious to many who follow the job market, New York Times reporter Motoko Rich reports that companies increasingly favor hiring contingent (temporary) workers in Weighing Costs, Companies Favor Temporary Help. For example, Rich reports that: … Continue reading

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Two Cool Ideas from Quebec’s Law 90

The government of Quebec has fostered some of the most unique and amazing work in identifying and promoting skills development in North America. Its Law 90, which requires that employers with a payroll of $1 million or more per year … Continue reading

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