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Why Is Training and Development a Client-Focused Profession?

Find out from the person who literally wrote the competency,  ouise Grummitt, Managing Partner of one of Canada’s leading instructional design firms and who is profiled in Chapter 8 of the newly published book, An Overview of Training and Development: … Continue reading

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Is It Me, Or Does LinkedIn Really Understand Higher Education Well Enough to Offer Advice?

This morning, I received an invitation from LinkedIn to a webinar that the company is sponsoring on”Reaching Today’s Prospective Students: Insights and Best Practices from LinkedIn.” – – – – – – – – – – – – – – … Continue reading

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Not Dead Yet

Despite the popular belief that TV viewers have migrated to the Internet, AdWeek recently published an eye-popping assessment of viewership in the U.S. Over 280 million Americans watch TV each week, watching over 140 hours on average per month.  In … Continue reading

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The Impact of the Digital Media on the Ecosystem of Reading

Most of the recent discussions about books has focused on the rise of e-books.  But the entire ecosystem of reading has been affected by the internet, including libraries, the system for reviewing books, and the types of employees hired by … Continue reading

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Quality: It’s a Judgment Call

by Saul Carliner and Lola Fredrickson Imagine this. You run an information development agency and have been working for five years to land a particular account. The director of information systems at that company finally invites you to bid on … Continue reading

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Two Cool Ideas from Quebec’s Law 90

The government of Quebec has fostered some of the most unique and amazing work in identifying and promoting skills development in North America. Its Law 90, which requires that employers with a payroll of $1 million or more per year … Continue reading

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